Birthday Entertainment

Our Singing Waiters were a hit at the famous Catalina Restaurant in Double Bay.

Our team of Three singers : A Singing Chef, Waitress & Restaurant manager wowed them!

Good work guys.

Next up is Doltone House – Cockle Bay Wharf

and Kinloch Winery in Mansfield Victoria.




“Dear Mario Lasagne and Rob and everyone,

You guys performed such an amazing act this weekend.

You absolutely made the party and the day.

We had a sensational venue, and amazing food (cooked by a 1 hatted chef), but this all palled into insignificance when you delivered the most amazing performance. Wow. There were 86 adults at the party and I think every single one of them came up to me afterwards to express their amazement at the depth of the performance, not just the wonderful voices but the act itself which really took it to another level.

Our words do not express the level of amazement in my mum’s face and the pleasure that she derived and by osmosis everyone else in the room!

Well done!!! and our sincere and genuine thanks for an absolutely unbelievable performance. ”

Derek Manoy ”