COVID 19 Gift Idea

“ZOOMAGRAM” Or Social Distanced Telegram

In this time of Lockdown and Self Isolation, you can still send the perfect Birthday Gift!  How about one of our fabulous singing telegrams or Online Zoomagrams! Serenading your special someone from outside their front door, or on their front lawn, or even on their Intercom!   Whether for a Birthday or Anniversary, or just to give someone an amazing surprise. Our singers can perform wherever you choose and will always observe the strictest Social distancing laws.

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Our Singagram could be from a romantic tenor serenading your beloved, or a Deliveryman to Cabaret Singers, Waiters or Chefs Our singing telegrams can appear in costume, or just be presented in classic performance wear. We even have Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Kylie & Lady Gaga singing telegrams, Elsa ( Frozen) Katie Perry to name just a few. We specialise in high quality singagrams, with full professional singers, so your recipient will be blown away by their vocal prowess, not just a silly costume!

Give the team at Singers for Hire a call, we can provide singers of all types, from Romantic Opera Singers, Musicals, Pop Singers, Jazz crooners or even 50′s, 60′s or 70′s singers.

Don’t settle for second best, get one of the best singers in Australia to serenade your special someone.

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