Free Telegram Giveaway!

We are celebrating our 5th Birthday in Australia and we have a special gift for you! We are giving away a free Singing Telegram (Valued at $300)  to one lucky person who 'likes' our Facebook page. [...]

Singing Waiters New Zealand

Our "Undercover Entertainers" were a huge hit in Auckland on saturday Night

Undercover Entertainers Everywhere!

What magnificent voices and a great interaction with each other and the audience, you were truly the hit of the night.

Singing Waiters – Grease Lightning!

"We just wanted to give a huge thanks for the entertainment of the singing waiters on our wedding day. It definitely made our reception fun and enjoyable for everyone. We still have people talking about it know and most likely will for months to come.

Undercover Entertainers a hit in Brisbane!

"Thank you to the Undercover Entertainers for their brilliant show! They are truly remarkable singers and excellent entertainers...

Undercover Diamond Divas Triumph!

"Just a note to say how brilliant The Diamond Divas were at our Dinner & Art with Heart event last night. They truly were outstanding with....

Singing Waiters Sydney Success!

We recently had an Undercover Duo of Singing Waiters at the Zurich Insurance Awards night, the team at Zurich loved the Singing Waiters show, and sent through a glowing report to our office.

An Effective Form of Entertainment for Corporate Events

The corporate environment is somewhat stereotyped with the notion that everything and everyone is always on a serious note. Perhaps this is how it should be since business does require a serious take at most times. However, there are certain instances when exceptions have to be made and fun should be the priority. This is the case during the usual corporate events that are held as a form of celebration and recreation for the people involved in the operations. That being said, there is a definite need to make sure that everyone, from the employees to the bosses, to make the most out of the supposedly fun gathering. […]

More Effective Event Entertainment Ideas through the Years

Throughout the years, there have been a lot of entertainment ideas concocted for corporate events. Naturally, unlike most gatherings, these are the ones that require a significant level of professionalism. In that respect, there should not be a compromise on the fun and enjoyment of the experience for the attendees as well. This entails the need for a balance that is somewhat complicated and hard to come by. That does not mean, however, that it is impossible to achieve considering how many corporate events have ended up being a hit for the employees and the supervisors alike. This is thanks to the many evententertainment ideas that prove effective, one being the employment of singing waiters. […]

Singing Waiters: What They Are and When to Hire Them

Music and singing are given forms of entertainment in most occasions. These are two of the things that are generally enjoyed by most people so it does not come as such a surprise that they are two of the most effective sources of enjoyment for various affairs. Perhaps this is the reason why there is a particular type of event service today in Sydney that is getting more and more popular as a form of entertainment. This is the service of the singing waiters Sydney has which has gained a significant popularity in the events entertainment business. Somehow people find their methods very effective in creating a dynamic atmosphere that makes an event more enjoyable and memorable. Here is a further look into these singing waiters. […]