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Wedding Entertainment

Everyone wants their Wedding Day to be truly memorable. You want your guests to have a great time, have fun, be entertained and be talking about your wedding for years to come.

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Opera Singers to Serve the Entertainment on Your Event

Orchestrating an event entertainment that makes a great impression can be quite challenging these days seeing as every available gimmick has seemingly already been used. In that respect, an event can end up being dull whether or not you make the effort of arranging some form of entertainment. However, you cannot just simply discount the [...]

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Current Corporate Christmas Party Ideas

The corporate Christmas party is only one of the few exciting events that people at work are looking forward for the whole year. Everyone practically goes about their hectic and often repetitive tasks that it cannot be helped for most to seek out for that one time when everyone can just drop all responsibilities and have fun together. Plus, it also gives them the chance to socialize with co-workers they have never had much time to mingle with during work. Certainly, there are a lot of opportunities at hand during corporate Christmas parties rather than just showing up as obliged by the bosses. The problem is that it seemed as if such corporate events usually had that quality about them; a gathering in which an individual is more of required to go instead of being actually motivated. Perhaps this is because these events often miss an aspect that is very important in keeping the attendees invested. […]

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Singing Waiters and Chefs – a Different Kind of Entertainment

Special events certainly deserve a unique touch, especially if it means the greater enjoyment of every attendee. As the event planner, you should see to it that this is accomplished. Of course, that would put a certain amount of pressure on you considering how little your options are for event ideas that haven’t been used before. Most probably, you can only ever think of the typical concepts that focus on the venue and the theme of your event. While these are indeed important, there is one great aspect that you simply cannot ignore; the entertainment. […]

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A New Idea for your Corporate Event

The Christmas party can be easily identified as one of the most awaited corporate entertainment for the whole year. Sufficed to say, even outside of the office Christmas is a day that everyone looks forward, the anticipation for corporate employees may just be doubled. After all, Christmas party is one of the few affairs in which they can forget entirely about their responsibilities and enjoy each other’s company. They get to socialize and get to know each other better which is not something that they can when there are huge workloads waiting to be finished on their desks. Plus, the Christmas party even lets them give and receive gifts from each other, just as if they were kids who had no troubles. […]

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The Joy in Listening to the Tune of Waiters

It cannot be denied that most people are constantly looking forward to a good entertainment. This is why this is something that is commonly associated with some of the most fun events and gatherings. In Melbourne, there has been one unique way of delivering entertainment to people. This is through hiring singing waiters. […]

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Singing Waiters Surprise NSW Premier!

"Thank you indeed on behalf of all our team in the Australian Lebanese Foundation for a wonderful performance. It was the peak of the evening and added a very enjoyable time to our function. I looked at the VIP table and was very happy to see the Premier & our special guests totally taken by the performance.

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Camp Lionheart Annual Dinner Review -Carlingford Lions

The hit of the evening was Mario Lasagne – the Singing Chef. His short but highly entertaining spot had everyone joining in

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Birthday Party Entertainment!

It was a BIG Birthday Weekend for us at Singers for Hire.  We had a 21st, 30th, 40th, 60th and 70th Birthday! Our teams in Melbourne and Sydney all had a great night entertaining guests from the age of 5 - 85. A great mix of Classic Popular Opera, through to tear jerkers like "The Prayer", My [...]

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Fabulous “Wartime” Entertainment!

A Wartime Tribute to the Andrews Sisters. The Covergirls reignite all the magic of the 1930's &1940's

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