Unusual Wedding Ideas

Unusual Wedding Ideas: Themes, Entertainment, and More

For every bride and groom, the desire to create a dream wedding will involve many crucial decisions in the planning process. From the very beginning, a wedding theme will help to narrow the field of choices in attire, venue, food, entertainment, and more. Before you find yourself riddled with confusion about how to make your day perfect, consider some unusual wedding ideas that will help set your day apart from the rest.

Venue: Unique Ideals for a Stunning Ceremony

Traditionally, wedding ceremonies tend to be held in churches or formal venues. For a couple in search of fun and unusual wedding ideas, the venue presents endless options. Some great ways of creating a one of a kind wedding guests will love as much as the happy couple, consider some fun ideas like travelling abroad for the ceremony, holding a beachfront ceremony, or exchanging vows on board a sailing vessel. Singers for Hire can perform anywhere you like.

Theme: Add Your Personal Touch to the Event

Because most couples want to express their personalities and style throughout the event, the theme will play a key role. Some unusual wedding ideas for the theme could include an Old Hollywood Theme filled with glitz and glamour, a Castle theme, or a Fairytale theme. Black & white themes or Romantic themes need Classical singers, here at Singers for Hire we can give you that finishing touch for any theme. Top Class Entertainment.

Entertainment: Fun Ways to Celebrate With Loved Ones

The reception will be your opportunity to celebrate with friends and family. With the stress of planning behind you, it will be time to let loose with some fun entertainment your guests will love. Consider some unusual wedding ideas for entertainment like comedians, magicians, or singing waiters. At Singers for Hire, we specialise in bringing you high class entertainment with a lot of fun. Think a
Opera singer/Comedian
with audience participation! You’ll find top-notch providers of wedding entertainment solutions everyone at your reception will love. When you’re ready to add fun and simplify the planning process, visit SingersForHire.com.au.